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Al Habtoor: Sound management, planning, and quality are key pillars of successful project implementation

18 Jan 2024

His Excellency Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Founder and Chairman, Al Habtoor Group, stressed the importance of sound management, good planning, and commitment to quality in the successful completion of mega projects. He underscored the significance of integrating beauty into the construction of buildings and facilities in Dubai, contributing an additional layer of allure to the global landscape of Dubai.

During a session, titled Future Trends and Technology moderated by Raya Rammal, Al Habtoor conveyed to the well-attended forum that while achieving initial success and realising gains might be straightforward, the true challenge lies in sustaining that success.

He shared insights into his humble beginnings in the contracting and construction business, a journey he embarked upon at the age of 16 in Dubai. He spoke of the early challenges encountered and the subsequent achievements made, thanks to Allah and the dedication, sincerity, and strong determination of great individuals who worked hard for the prosperity and advancement of this nation. These pioneers are led by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the active partner in the UAE federation, who was instrumental in fostering the impressive growth and development of the emirate of Dubai, propelling it to rival the most developed cities globally and establishing it as the best place for living and working.

Al Habtoor spoke at the start of his professional journey about his keenness to on-site supervision of project implementation. This approach earned him the esteemed trust and confidence of the leadership, leading to his involvement in numerous vital projects. He noted that many of the large-scale and successful projects were executed by wholly national companies, independent of any affiliations with foreign entities.

Elegant Architecture

Al Habtoor emphasised the crucial elements that define successful project execution. He pinpointed the respect and appreciation of time, stressing the importance of adhering to predetermined delivery schedules, as fundamental aspects of project management. Al Habtoor highlighted his commitment to closely monitoring every phase of a project, ensuring that the workmanship and quality of work are of the highest standard, thereby elevating the project to its most exquisite architectural expression.

Al Habtoor extended a call to action to all professionals in the construction industry, particularly the emerging generation of engineers. He stressed the necessity of integrating technology, innovation, and modernity in construction practices. Alongside their technical expertise, he advised them to pick up managerial skills and focus on beauty and quality in their work. He also called for adhering to international standards in project specifications to highlight the stellar reputation and add to the beauty of this magnificent country.

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