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9th Edition 2024 News

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Thank you to all our co-organizers and sponsors for contributing to the success of Dubai International Project Management Forum 9th edition.

Organizers and Sponsors

Key Themes of the 9th Edition (2024)

Beyond Boundaries

The 9th edition of DIPMF revolved around three primary themes: sustainability, modern methods of project management, and future trends and technology. Within these themes, the forum delved into 14 diverse pillars.

The theme 'Beyond Boundaries' perfectly mirrors the UAE's ambition to drive innovation, sustainability, and global connectivity. This edition brought together world leaders in a united effort to take conscious and committed actions that will accelerate economic and environmental prosperity.


  • Driving Sustainable Growth Driving Sustainable Growth
  • Greener Projects Greener Projects
  • Sustainable Societies Sustainable Societies

Modern Methods of Project ManagementModern Methods of Project Management

  • Agile Transformation Agile Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Big Data
  • Digital Twin/Metaverse Digital Twin/Metaverse
  • Future/Smart Mobility Future/Smart Mobility

Future Trends and TechnologyFuture Trends and Technology

  • Benefits & Value Management Benefits & Value Management
  • Circular Economy Circular Economy
  • Future Project Management Office Future Project Management Office
  • Future Trends in Project Management Future Trends in Project Management
  • Project Economy Project Economy
  • Visionary Leadership Visionary Leadership

Speakers of the 9th edition (2024)

Learn more about the experiences and achievements of these talented speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

Featuring Inspirational Project Management Leaders

Featuring Global and Regional Project Management Influencers

Senior Trainers


Sponsors of the 9th edition (2024)

Meet the sponsors of the 9th edition of the forum.

Strategic Sponsors

  • [:en]Nakheel[:ar]نخيل[:]
  • [:en]ENOC[:ar]اينوك[:]
  • [:en]Dubai Municipality[:ar]بلدية دبي[:]

Platinum Sponsors

  • [:en]Qatar Insurance [:ar]قطر للتأمين[:]
  • [:en]Al Nabooda[:ar] النابودة[:]
  • [:en]FAMCO[:ar]فامكو[:]

Gold Sponsors

  • [:en]United Motors[:ar]الشركة المتحدة للسيارات و المعدات الثقيلة ذ.م.م[:]
  • [:en]Wade Adams[:ar]ويد إدمز للمقاولات ش.ذ.م.م[:]
  • [:en]Gunal Constructional Dubai [:ar]جونال للإنشاءات وتجارة وصناعة المساهمة[:]

Silver Sponsors

  • [:en]Al Ghanim International[:ar]شركة الغانم انترناشيونال للتجارة العامة والمقاولات ذ.م.م[:]

Lanyard Sponsor

  • [:en]SAS[:ar]شركة ساس[:]

Delegate Bags Sponsor

  • [:en]FAMCO[:ar]فامكو[:]

Support Sponsors

  • [:en]Al Zarooni[:ar]الزرعوني العالمية للمعدات[:]
  • [:en]RTC[:ar]ار تي سي لهندسة الطرق والمرور[:]
  • [:en]China State[:ar]الشركة الصينية للإنشاءات الهندسية المدنية[:]

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