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DIPMF participants visit Dubai landmarks

27 Jan 2023

The Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF) organised technical field visits for 240 participants to several Dubai landmarks and mega projects such as Al Infinity Bridge, Deep Dive Dubai, Museum of the Future, Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC3), Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, and the Geographic Information Systems Centre in Dubai Municipality.

These visits aims to acquaint the participants in the forum with Dubai’s prominent projects, and the details relating to the management of the construction of these projects. During the visits the participants were also acquainted with Dubai’s impressive record in constructing mega projects on schedule and at top-quality standards. They were also familiarised with the nature of the projects and their uniqueness and management as well as the current and future directions to achieve sustainability.


The participants in the DIPMF attended several masterclasses presented by expert trainers and consultants at the International Institute of Education (IIL). The classes related to project portfolio management, artificial intelligence, big data in project management, leading individuals through change, agile project management office, agile business transformation, and project value delivery system.

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