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DIPMF session identifies experience, flexibility and knowledge as success factors of project portfolio management

25 Jan 2023

In a session focused on the management of investment projects, participants in a discussion panel at the DIPMF underscored the importance of the experience and skills of individuals while relying on technology, the flexibility of procedures and laws besides the courage of making enlightened decisions to ensure successful project portfolio management.

In the session which was presented by Ramia Faraj, participants included Dr. Ricardo Vargas, global leader in project and business management, Frank Ryle, Senior Trainer and Consultant at the International Institute of Education (IIL), and Juan Carlos Sahdala, Head of Planning and Projects, DP World.

The participants stressed that meeting minds, collaboration and the added administrative value are key factors for the success of project portfolio management.  They called for simplified procedures, the proper approach to problem-solving and the appreciation of the environmental rights related to any project. They identified three skills for the success of any programme or portfolio namely: communication, knowledge and qualification of individuals. They concluded that most problems relate to the inability to take decisions, and 90% of challenges are attributed to the lack of communication, adaptation and motivation.

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