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Future Trends in Project Management Session

17 Jan 2024

The Dubai International Project Management Forum 2024 commenced with a series of engaging sessions including one about "Future Trends in Project Management” moderated by Ms. Sarah Cocker, Managing Director, Amplify Project Management Services. She hosted Ms. Jennifer Tharp, Director, Board of Directors, Project Management Institute (PMI).

Ms. Tharp opened the session by sharing her delight in attending events like the Dubai International Project Management Forum. She described these gatherings as excellent avenues for connecting with a diverse group of professionals, including project managers and industry experts from across the globe.
“The forum is a recurrent event dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and success stories in project management and showcasing achievements from various burgeoning cities and countries worldwide, including Dubai. This city is known for its dynamic and rapid development in various fields, such as urban development featuring landmarks with stunning designs such as the Infinity Bridge.
“The forum serves as a catalyst fostering advancement and continual growth in the professional journeys of project management professionals as it is important to continue education and development in this dynamic and enjoyable field.

Responding to a question about the integration of contemporary technologies like artificial intelligence in project management, Ms. Tharp acknowledged the fundamental and transformative impact of these advanced technologies. Yet, she also expressed caution, noting the current unpredictability surrounding the future role of artificial intelligence in this field. This uncertainty, she explained, stems from the numerous ongoing experiments aimed at evolving this technology further.

“We, as project managers, need to focus on introducing innovative solutions to the world. We should not lose focus on achieving sustainability goals, which require a holistic approach, integrating various elements and factors crucial for the successful management of diverse project types that contribute to enhancing the quality of life worldwide,” concluded Tharp.

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