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Global Experts Unveil Roadmap for Sustainable Growth at DPIMF

18 Jan 2024

During the concluding day of the 9th edition of the Dubai Project Management Forum (DIPMF), a pivotal session was held under the theme 'Beyond Boundaries' titled "Roadmap for Economic & Environmental Prosperity". A distinguished panel of international experts highlighted the significance of international collaboration in achieving sustainable economic growth, attracting investments, leading in sustainable finance, and becoming a digital-first economy.

The high-profile session, titled "Roadmap for Economic & Environmental Prosperity," moderated by Ramia Farrage ddle East, featured prominent leaders and thinkers. The discussion delved into crucial topics such as policy priorities for economic growth, capital provision for businesses, investment strategies for innovation and digital transformation, financing the shift to a low-carbon economy, and the development of robust international relationships. Emphasizing international collaboration as a driver for sustainable economic growth, the focus was on positioning the UAE as a global and regional financial hub.

The esteemed panellists included. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi - Former Minister of State for International Cooperation, Rt Hon Amber Rudd - Former Home Secretary, Secretary of State for Work and Pension, and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, UK

Professor Mike Berners-Lee - Climate Researcher & Author, "There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years"

The panellists addressed a series of curated questions, providing insights into crucial aspects of economic and environmental prosperity. These included policy priorities for supporting economic growth, achieving a balance between economic growth and climate change mitigation, fostering innovation for sustainability, boosting investment in climate change initiatives, and understanding the role of the UAE in the transition towards renewable energy.

Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, drawing from her extensive experience in international relations and policymaking, emphasized the UAE government's commitment to striking a delicate balance between economic growth and the pressing need to address climate change. This equilibrium has been achieved through active participation from communities, locals, and a diverse range of stakeholders, including government bodies, infrastructure companies, organizations, investments, industries, and increased private sector involvement. Notably, regulations within the UAE have evolved, advocating for more UAE-owned companies and industries.

She added that Following the pivotal COP 28, the UAE has experienced heightened regulatory initiatives, with substantial commitments from the top 28 stakeholders, investment industries, and government agencies. Nevertheless, there remains a considerable amount of work to be undertaken.

In her concluding remarks, Sheikha Lubna expressed that the UAE has made significant progress in harmonizing economic growth with climate change initiatives. She stressed the importance of governments highlighting the economic benefits of their actions while ensuring minimal impact on the most vulnerable populations. Emphasizing public demand and a focus on national assets, she underscored their pivotal roles in driving innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation within the UAE.

RH Amber Rudd provided insights into the delicate equilibrium between economic necessities and environmental imperatives.

She asserted that governments must navigate the challenge of fostering economic growth while urgently addressing climate change. Illustrating successful examples, she highlighted the UK's achievements in COP 28 and its rapid decarbonization, primarily attributed to moving away from coal. This success underscores the significance of national assets and international commitments in reducing carbon emissions.

Mike Berners-Lee, a distinguished climate researcher and author, contributed expertise on innovation and sustainability within the business landscape. He emphasized that, in today's rapidly changing business environment, the most effective mindset and strategies for fostering innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation involve embracing change and adapting to evolving landscapes.

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