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Greg Wooldridge Shares insights on Trust and Gratitude in Business at DIPMF

17 Jan 2024

Greg Wooldridge, renowned former Commanding Officer of The Blue Angels, captivated the audience with his insightful keynote address “ Trust and culture of gratitude in business” during the inaugural day of the Dubai International Project Management Conference.

The event brought together industry leaders and professionals to share expertise and insights into project management practices.

In his engaging presentation, Wooldridge shared his wealth of experience in leadership and excellence gleaned from his tenure with the Blue Angels. He underscored the pivotal role of trust in business, asserting that it is a direct outcome of meticulous execution, consistent performance, and the cultivation of a culture of continuous improvement. He emphasized the need for businesses to instil habits of clarity, alignment, teamwork, and the nurturing of a high-performance culture of excellence within their organizations.

Addressing a common challenge faced by many companies, Wooldridge highlighted the struggle to establish outcomes and benefits due to a lack of trust, accountability, and consistency in their work. He stressed that trust is eroded when there is a dearth of measurement, making it difficult to achieve optimal results. Wooldridge introduced the concept of the debrief as a "secret sauce" that eliminates fear within the workplace, even though the debriefing process takes twice as long as the flight itself.
Wooldridge further delved into the significance of a corporate culture of gratitude in fostering excellence. Drawing parallels with The Blue Angels' success, he shared insights into how gratitude played a pivotal role in bringing out the best in every team member. Wooldridge presented a formula for elevating business performance to unprecedented heights through the foundation of gratitude.

In his concluding remarks, Wooldridge stressed the importance of trust and second chances in the business landscape. He affirmed that combining belief levels with accountability for errors, cohesiveness, and teamwork is the key to building a robust and powerful organization.

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