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Jessica Fox Highlights the Role of Infrastructure in Film Project Management at DPIMF

18 Jan 2024

During the Dubai Project Management Forum (DIPMF), film writer, director, and author Jessica Fox spoke about the crucial requirements for project management in the film industry. The session, titled "Project Management in Film Production," was moderated by Richard Dean, presenter of the "Business Breakfast" program on Ain Dubai Radio. According to Fox, successful project management in the film industry involves concerted efforts and a large budget. It requires a comprehensive approach that emphasizes selecting the right creators and working with successful distribution companies.

Take advantage of the infrastructure

Jessica emphasized the importance of skilled human resources and effective leadership in the filmmaking industry. She stressed that it is crucial to appreciate and encourage the work team to obtain the best results and benefit from their creativity. she also highlighted the significance of motivational concepts and the need to avoid criticism that weakens ideas. In the present time, it is essential to use artificial intelligence to facilitate work and produce new content that is in line with modern cinema's standards and requirements.

She stated that providing advanced infrastructure in the cities chosen for filming is considered a fundamental pillar because it affects the filming scenes from an aesthetic standpoint and helps facilitate the marketing of films. On the other hand, cities characterized by modern road networks and transportation systems that meet users' needs are among the most popular locations. Desirable photography makes it easier for directors to work in it and make the biggest international films.

Solve challenges

Jessica explained that filmmaking needs to know and classify challenges to solve them. One of these challenges is allocating the budget and how it is spent. As for the content and ideas, the goal must be determined when writing the script, ensuring successful distribution, reaching international festivals, and winning prestigious awards

She added: An important aspect is that the director must be prepared for surprises on filming sites and how to control and handle these situations and deal with them positively and successfully.

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