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Mohamed Alabbar highlights architecture’s future role in cities at DIPMF

17 Jan 2024

His Excellency Mohamed Ali Alabbar, Founder of Emaar and Noon, Chairman of Eagle Hills, took the stage at Dubai International Project Management Forum to discuss ‘The Role of Iconic Architecture in Shaping Cities of the Future’. He shed light on Dubai's momentous journey in overcoming obstacles and formulating strategic plans that have manifested in its global stature and economic prosperity, besides emphasizing on the significance of social media in showcasing Dubai's architectural marvels, notably Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

Early Days
“Distinctive architecture has always been a fascinating endeavour. Reflecting on our early days in the Emirate of Dubai, our approach was characterized by meticulousness, diligence, and drawing insights from other cities. Fortunately, we were backed by an exceptionally committed team whose dedication was pivotal in fulfilling our ambitious vision, culminating in the construction of the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, a marvel in its architectural elegance and design,” said Alabbar.

Social Media
Alabbar highlighted the influence of social media in sharing content that showcases the aesthetic and contemporary aspects of architecture. He noted how individuals from across the globe have started to commend the lifestyle and the ongoing progress in the emirate, emphasising the positive impact of this development on both residents and visitors.

Achieving the Impossible
“The journey of Dubai teaches us numerous lessons, the foremost being that nothing is impossible. This was demonstrated in the ambition to construct the world’s tallest tower and conquering numerous fears, including ensuring safety measures and confirming the structural integrity,” commented Alabbar.
“Architecture in Dubai possesses important components, the most prominent of which is good taste, considering architecture a wonderful art, in addition to everyone’s keenness to work passionately to provide successful management of architecture and continue progress and development,” concluded Alabbar.

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