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Panel Discussion, Leading the Future: Visionary Leadership for Success

18 Jan 2024

In a session titled Leading the Future: Visionary Leadership for Success at the Dubai International Project Management Forum 2024, an insightful prelude was offered by the session moderator, Ms. Shereen Mitwalli Presenter, Motivational Speaker and Event MC. She introduced the trio of distinguished speakers, providing a snapshot of the key topics they would delve into during the discussion.

The panel comprised Ms. Cindy Anderson, the Chief Marketing Officer/Global Lead for Engagement & Eminence, IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), Mr. Rasmus Ankersen, Author & Acclaimed Leadership and Performance Expert, and Dr. Steve Bennett, Director of IPO Readiness Program Management Office (PMO), SAS.

Opening the session, Cindy Anderson shared her insights on the defining traits of leaders in project management. “A vision can only materialise when infused with action and simplicity. Leaders must articulate their vision to stakeholders and sponsors in the most straightforward manner possible," she noted.

Anderson underscored the importance of effective communication for leaders, particularly in project management. “Identifying the most effective channels to communicate with stakeholders and sponsors is paramount, considering the pivotal role of effective communication in steering project management towards success. It's even advantageous to engage with stakeholders and sponsors in their preferred language," she added.

Speaker Rasmus Ankersen said, “To innovate and be creative in project management requires relentless effort, the readiness to confront and surmount challenges, and the ability to convert these challenges into lucrative opportunities. Among the hallmark traits of successful leadership is the capacity to inspire team members to go above and beyond their call of duty, fostering a culture of open-mindedness and passion for their work. From this perspective, influential leaders in project management possess the unique ability to cultivate leadership within this crucial and dynamic field.”

Dr. Steve Bennett initiated his discourse by posing a reflective question to the project management leaders: "Why am I in this field and why do I engage in this work? In my view, the essence of our engagement in this field is to serve others and elevate their satisfaction. This commitment encompasses stakeholders and sponsors alike. Realizing such a goal is not an overnight achievement; it's a journey that spans decades. A prime example of this dedication can be witnessed in the United States, where the establishment of a multitude of robust companies and businesses, especially in project management."

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