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Participants of the Dubai International Project Management tour Dubai's landmarks

19 Jan 2024

Around 400 attendees of the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF) had a chance to tour various landmarks, projects, and contemporary services. Their itinerary included visits to distinguished locations such as the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, the Infinity Bridge, the World Islands project accessed via the Dubai Ferry, the Tram Depot at Al Sufouh, and Deep Dive Dubai, and test rides of Chevrolet Bolt-based Cruise autonomous vehicle.

RTA’s forum team collaborated with relevant entities to welcome the participants, providing comprehensive briefings throughout the tour. The briefing encompassed the nature of the projects, the offered services, the distinctive features, the operational aspects, and the ongoing and future initiatives aimed at fostering sustainability and well-being.

The visiting delegates, hailing from various Gulf States, Arab, and foreign  countries, expressed their admiration for the landmarks toured. Each site stands as a testament to creativity and innovation in engineering, design, and management. Moreover, the exposure to the emirate's transportation services underscored the RTA’s commitment to its vision as the world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility. The tour also highlighted RTA’s dedication to achieving an innovative, sustainable road and transportation infrastructure and services, elevating the customer experience to a global level.

Mohammed bin Rashid Library

During their visit to the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, forum attendees explored Dubai's grandest cultural projects. Spanning 650,000 square feet, the library houses an impressive collection exceeding 4.5 million printed, digital, and audiobooks. The participants were treated to an in-depth presentation about the architectural design of the library, which resembles an open book resting on a traditional book stand.

Tram Depot at Al Sufouh

The participants of the forum viewed the tram depot at Al Sufouh, gaining insights into the maintenance protocols, cutting-edge technology, and the control centre that collectively render the Dubai Tram a modern engineering marvel. The delegation was introduced to the advanced 3D printing technology used for fabricating essential tram components and parts. They also explored the sophisticated engineering systems and controls managed from the Engineering Control Centre, the operational hub crucial for the seamless functioning of the tram service.

World Islands

The delegation made a journey from the Dubai Water Canal Station to the World Islands aboard the Dubai Ferry. This excursion offered a closer look at the World Islands project, an ambitious collection of 300 man-made islands located about 4 km off the coast of Jumeirah Beach. The visit provided an opportunity to appreciate the innovative and expansive nature of this unique development.

Deep Dive Dubai

The participants were briefed about the Deep Dive Dubai project in Nad Al Sheba, renowned as the world's deepest swimming pool. This engineering marvel holds approximately 14 million litres of warm water and plunges to a depth of 60 meters. Echoing the United Arab Emirates' historical connection to pearl diving, the pool features a designed space that emulates the remnants of a submerged city, complete with walls, furnished chambers, and even a submerged vehicle. The facility also doubles as an underwater film studio, offering a unique backdrop for cinematic productions.

Infinity Bridge

The tour of Dubai's iconic landmarks also encompassed the Infinity Bridge, above Dubai Creek. The delegates received a detailed overview of this architectural spectacle, designed to symbolise infinity. With construction costs totalling AED5.3 billion, the bridge spans 300m along Sheikh Rashid Road and is elevated 15.5 meters above Dubai Creek, facilitating the passage of boats. The bridge's arch towers majestically, reaching a height of 42 meters at the top of the arch.

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