Speakers of the 9th edition (2024)

Dr. George John

Founder & Chairman, Transform Specialist Medical Centre

Dr. George John

Dr George John's 3 decades of practice in Sports Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Orthopaedic surgeries internationally has made a difference to the wellbeing and life style of many distinguished and elite sports personalities. His cutting-edge medical innovations and advanced technology in surgical and in general health care has positioned Transform Specialist Medical Centre (TSMC), founded by Dr John in Dubai, as the preferred medical destination for many locally and internationally.

Dr John has performed over 10,000 surgeries in his career and along with his multi-disciplinary team at TSMC, successfully treated over 150,000 patients (from across the world), including more than 25,000 athletes (including over 2,500 of the most elite sportsmen and women in the world) across all sports, including Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing and Athletics, to rapidly recover from injury, enabling them to return to peak performance.

His extensive dedication to his profession has helped take many champions towards the pinnacle of success. His vast experience accumulated from UK, Europe, Africa and Asia has led him to understand more about Sports injuries, prevention and treatment, paying key attention to the significant variation in different ethnic populations across the world. As a relentless perfectionist and equally ambitious, Dr John intends to make TSMC as a premium global Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics centre of excellence.

Given its success, TSMC is the first centre to be awarded as a centre of excellence in Sports Medicine in the country (UAE) by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2023. TSMC has been overseeing medical support for a wide range of major sporting events, including, ATP/WTA Tennis (7 yrs.), Rugby 7's (6 yrs.) - 2009 World Cup, Australian Football and FIFA Tournaments. Across the world, TSMC, is a leading expert in the field of Orthopaedic, Sports Medicine, Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Surgery, RegN cell procedures, Regenerative Medicine, High Performance Centre, Nuclear Resonance Medicine and Tesla Quantum Medical Solutions.

Furthermore, TSMC has developed Sports Genomics along with a team of 8 scientists across the world, collaborating together, which today has the highest database in the world in the field of sports medicine covering a wide range of genomic markers, encompassing over 250 research papers.

This multi-faceted and patient-centred approach combined with years of experience has established TSMC, as the brand in Sports medicine and the medical centre of choice when it comes to Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

With this plethora of consistent, evidence based high quality treatments, research and prompt results standing as their foundation, TSMC is now looking into international expansion to explore their full potential.


[4th Day]2:40 pm - 3:00 pm
Interview: Breakthrough Innovations and Technologies in Sports and Sports Medicine

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