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Sports Medicine Session: Dr George John: Dubai has become a global center on the sports medicine map

18 Jan 2024

Dr. George Dr. George John Founder & Chairman, Transform Specialist Medical Centre, highlighted Dubai's emergence as a hub on the global sports medicine map. He noted the ongoing efforts in the emirate to foster this field through the adoption of cutting-edge science and technologies.

Speaking during the closing day of the ninth Dubai International Project Management Forum, in a session about Breakthrough Innovations and Technologies in Sports and Sports Medicine, moderated by the media personality Moderated by: Rania Ali, International TV Presenter & Event MC, Dr. John emphasised the critical role of preventive strategies in mitigating future health issues.

He shed light on prevalent health concerns, particularly back pain and stress-related ailments, underscoring the comprehensive treatment approaches encompassing therapy, medication, and preventive care.

Dr. John also touched upon services relating to mental abilities and preventive solutions in sports medicine including DNA genomics and extensive studies conducted on millions of children to decipher genetic predispositions and align them with suitable sports, paving the way for personalised and optimised athletic training and development.

Dr. John further elaborated on the significant projects contributing to the advancement of sports medicine and healthcare. He spotlighted the development of a specialised centre for women's excellence, staffed with experts and researchers focused on women's health issues. This initiative stems from data indicating that women are more susceptible to sports-related injuries than men. Dr. John underscored the need for medical professionals and physical therapists to undergo scientifically grounded training to reinforce Dubai's standing in the international sports medicine arena.

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